$2,600 2011 CHEVY Silverado 2500 4x4 Auction BUY! WILL IT RUN?

We figure out if the Chevy is a good running great truck or shes mechanically challenged. Ill have some details on the giveaway coming up in the next videos .
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  1. Westen Champlin

    Westen Champlin

    Месяц назад

    I will have some details on the giveaway coming up in the next videos. I really do appreciate everyone watching the videos and support. Thanks guys!

    • Online Guru

      Online Guru

      21 день назад

      At 4.25 ... what is the name of that beautiful song playing and who is it by?

    • Guitar Talk

      Guitar Talk

      29 дней назад

      Westen Champlin great videos brotha!

    • Westen Champlin

      Westen Champlin

      Месяц назад

      +turkey man no

    • turkey man

      turkey man

      Месяц назад

      Are these last two trucks from the flooding last year?

    • Mike Rivera

      Mike Rivera

      Месяц назад

      Do you have any of these trucks you would be willing to sell to me I'm looking for a f250 or 2500 pickup truck gas or Diesel doesn't matter four by four I needed for plowing snow you got anything reasonable for 10K message me back

  2. Chevy 4.3L

    Chevy 4.3L

    9 часов назад

    New sub

  3. Davy Rando

    Davy Rando

    17 часов назад

    Awww man that music when you're charging the battery... reminds me of those "caring for abused animal" advertisements. You're making me have empathy for an inanimate object getting some love xD And I thought the $4700 Ford was a steal...

  4. Stephen Baine

    Stephen Baine

    2 дня назад

    Where do you sell these trucks at?

  5. Dillon Shipley

    Dillon Shipley

    4 дня назад

    Hey hoss! What do you do for a living

  6. ShotgunSsergio


    4 дня назад

    You look like you smell like cheese.

  7. omgwow loldang

    omgwow loldang

    4 дня назад

    umm where did you buy them trucks??? i would love to know

  8. Griffin Ripley

    Griffin Ripley

    6 дней назад

    Love the stonework on your home. Great channel. Enjoy to watch while I work and/or chill out. Have a great day homie.

  9. jamie Haynes

    jamie Haynes

    6 дней назад

    Good work

  10. Andres Holguin

    Andres Holguin

    6 дней назад

    is this truck up for sale?

  11. Aaron Drewelow

    Aaron Drewelow

    6 дней назад

    Just subscribed.

  12. RubyRed2017GT


    7 дней назад

    Just subbed after stumbling across your video about picking this truck and the Ford up. Looks like your channel is starting to take off man, congrats. Can't say I'm shocked it is though cuz you've got a great personality for this kinda thing. You're funny n seem like a humble dude, and your content so far seems fairly unique compared to other "similar" channels. If you continue putting out entertaining content which I'm sure will only improve as time goes on..especially as you learn more/perfect how you do things...you'll be hitting 100k, 500k, 1mil subs and more in no time at the rate you're already growing. I love stumbling across hidden gem channels I haven't seen before, esp new ones that are just starting off and growing a viewer base. I'm glad RUchannel seems to help new/growing channels by putting them in the recommendations of other similar videos & channels. Wishing the best of luck to you man, keep it up brotha.

  13. Ben Sutherland

    Ben Sutherland

    7 дней назад

    love Chevy's, I wish I could buy trucks like that as cheap as you get them. Do you have to have a special license or anything to buy auction trucks? Great videos love your channel

    • CaliCrazy


      5 дней назад

      Usually you just need a dealer's license really easy to get. Look it up online should tell you the regulations and stuff for the site you're buying from or the auction you're going to in the state you live in all that kind of stuff but it's a gamble because you don't know if everything's just going to be broken.

  14. Nathaniel Cleveland bell

    Nathaniel Cleveland bell

    8 дней назад

    Man you remind me of Luke Combs lol

  15. Dezmona SG

    Dezmona SG

    9 дней назад

    Your too funny to be a mechanic ,I enjoy watching

  16. Kristopher Coon

    Kristopher Coon

    9 дней назад

    I found your channel keep up the great work

  17. 紺野木綿季


    9 дней назад

    The chevy says, hold my Bartle Skeet and watch this.



    10 дней назад

    Looks like the 1st thing on your to do list should be cleaning the mold off your house.

  19. Dbombdalton


    10 дней назад

    What.🤯🤯🤯🤯 2/2 two truck that run for less than 20 grand. You made out like a bandit

  20. Patrick Baptist

    Patrick Baptist

    11 дней назад

    HAHAHA, awesome 2 out of 2. I'm very bias against GM, I've just never owned a good one EVER.

  21. Fred Maxwell

    Fred Maxwell

    11 дней назад

    What do you do with all these pickups you buy?

  22. 2Faded Dominic

    2Faded Dominic

    12 дней назад

    That gen of vortecs are damn near indestructible. Ran ours to almost 300k towing heavy loads its whole life over the span of 5 years without a single issue, besides a recall for a leaky tranny line. Great trucks

  23. none ya

    none ya

    13 дней назад

    I fuckin love you bro👍 I can watch you mess with trucks for hours

  24. Vjt_01


    14 дней назад

    Toyota all day

  25. Douglass Wilkin

    Douglass Wilkin

    14 дней назад

    Love what your doing. Thanks

  26. Madman9mm


    15 дней назад

    I'd like to know how many trucks you would have to buy before you get that lucky?!

  27. daniel rountree

    daniel rountree

    16 дней назад

    The door handle jokes haha

  28. Dan Tomlinson

    Dan Tomlinson

    16 дней назад

    2 nice buys!!

  29. Randal Colling

    Randal Colling

    17 дней назад

    WHERE did you buy these??? WHERE???

  30. Mike Castelli

    Mike Castelli

    18 дней назад

    Do you have a 6.5 ft box for a 08 gmc rust free ?

  31. Andrew Sybert

    Andrew Sybert

    18 дней назад

    cool house

  32. TAC_R_US


    18 дней назад

    Damn I need to find me a truck like that!. Nice vid

  33. colby larsen

    colby larsen

    18 дней назад

    talk about that ride !!!!!

  34. Craig X

    Craig X

    19 дней назад

    I'm a big fan from Australia love all your videos .... i just would like to know how many trucks you have .....

  35. Dionnel Martinez

    Dionnel Martinez

    19 дней назад

    Broh, you're such a cool character! I watch you from Victorville, California! Keep up the good work!

  36. Juan Carlos moreno

    Juan Carlos moreno

    19 дней назад


  37. T2 Kdawg

    T2 Kdawg

    19 дней назад

    2:15 get you a Rockford jump box I have one it is a truth you can jump start a V8 like 20 30 maybe 40 times off one charge you can charge your cell phone your laptop and it only weighs 1 pound! Love your channel bro!

  38. Joseph Ludlow

    Joseph Ludlow

    20 дней назад

    Congrats dude. 2 wins.

  39. Jake Schaeffer

    Jake Schaeffer

    20 дней назад

    Why didnt you just roll down the window and open the door from the outside instead of scootin?scootin sounded better.its fun to scoot.like your videos.DO NOT squeeze your brain power!

    • Westen Champlin

      Westen Champlin

      20 дней назад

      neither door handle worked

  40. JOE FPOC


    20 дней назад

    I work for a pretty large company and we do the same crap. They cant be bothered with trying to sell fleet vehicles so they just round them all up and send them to a auction. Kinda sucks as I’ve tried to buy some off of them when they were wrecked. Only bad thing i can think of with fleet vehicles is tons of hours. We literally leave ours running all winter 24hrs a day

  41. Stephen Contreras

    Stephen Contreras

    20 дней назад

    Junk the chebby

  42. Cableguy818


    21 день назад

    Excellent video bro, I subbed and liked. The way you talk cracks me up and you are a positive person!!

  43. Cableguy818


    21 день назад

    I’m glad that Chevy fires right up and rolled.

  44. Firekillernmp


    21 день назад

    how can i find auctions in my area ?would love to get me a 15 f150 4x4 thanks

  45. Online Guru

    Online Guru

    21 день назад

    At 4.25 ... what is the name of that beautiful song playing and who is it by?

  46. Mohammed Matabbar

    Mohammed Matabbar

    21 день назад

    Was it really 2,750? Cause then i need to get myself one i’ve been missing out

  47. Colby Thurston

    Colby Thurston

    21 день назад

    Buddy what do you want for that pick up

  48. Tom Grandshaw

    Tom Grandshaw

    22 дня назад

    Montezuma over the shoulder...

  49. Ky Joe

    Ky Joe

    22 дня назад

    I gotta ask, what is the song playing when you hooking it up to jump it?

  50. luisinhoens90


    22 дня назад

    Last week I almost bought a 2010 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab 4x4 w/117k miles which wouldn't start. The truck looked mint condition with new tires, a nice aftermarket touchscreen radio, nice paint, no rips on the carpeting, etc. The truck sold for 2700 in the online auction but I just couldn't pull the trigger, I just freaked out thinking it could have been engine or transmission issues. Those I-5 engines are expensive for what they are. It could also have been a simple cheap fix, we'll never know.

  51. Draydon McMechan

    Draydon McMechan

    22 дня назад

    Who likes ford or chevy

    • Draydon McMechan

      Draydon McMechan

      22 дня назад

      If you like Chevy your the best

  52. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith

    22 дня назад

    Its a Chevy best truck in your yard lol

  53. George Kravitz

    George Kravitz

    22 дня назад

    Where do u get these trucks and how does insurance work on them

  54. Gerold


    23 дня назад

    Great videos !!! Greetings from Germany

  55. Chevy sucks

    Chevy sucks

    23 дня назад

    2600 bro thats killer deal.

  56. Tucker's DJ Mixtape Podcast

    Tucker's DJ Mixtape Podcast

    24 дня назад

    This is really good content. Congratulations on your awesome growth!

  57. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt

    24 дня назад

    I blew a tranny last night ....... His name was shela .... 😂😂

  58. Jerry kegel

    Jerry kegel

    24 дня назад

    very Educational & Entertaining!

  59. Jerry kegel

    Jerry kegel

    24 дня назад

    why not mention the driven miles on these units?

    • Nathan Mecum

      Nathan Mecum

      22 дня назад

      He said 163000

  60. Chris Baker

    Chris Baker

    25 дней назад

    That Chevy looks like it was run hard lol

  61. NICK'S SHOP.


    25 дней назад

    i just sub to ur channel and loving ur videos keep up the great work

  62. Donald Piercy

    Donald Piercy

    26 дней назад

    I buy the Ford from you

  63. Ian Larson

    Ian Larson

    26 дней назад

    Damn. Those guys who sold those trucks missed out really bad. Lots of money lost. But a good grab!!

  64. MMGJ10


    27 дней назад

    You keep calling it an "old truck". Lol. 2011 is new as hell to me.

  65. mike snyder

    mike snyder

    27 дней назад

    What do you do with the trucks

  66. East Coast Drones

    East Coast Drones

    27 дней назад

    I’m a New Yorker and Jealous, good job!!!!!!!

  67. John haworth

    John haworth

    27 дней назад

    Maybe you should try running. Another fat car dealer that gets to go to special car auctions.

    • Westen Champlin

      Westen Champlin

      27 дней назад

      Nope public auction anyone could have bought it.

  68. Jesus urias

    Jesus urias

    27 дней назад

    That's crazy I think that's my dads old work truck Haha

  69. Kyle Johnson

    Kyle Johnson

    27 дней назад

    Do you sell the work trucks if so how do I get in contact with you?

  70. Escher Babcock

    Escher Babcock

    27 дней назад

    I had to slide across them seats... that got old quick 😂😂

  71. Mike B

    Mike B

    27 дней назад

    Keep on sharing the truck stuff. Thank you for including us.

  72. Charles Whims

    Charles Whims

    28 дней назад

    This is the coolest channel Reminds me of the good old days when I roofed houses at 50 feet standing on a 2 by 6. Keep up the good entertainment

  73. acerdude165


    28 дней назад

    Stumbled upon your videos with that obs CCLB 7.3l. My absolute dream truck. Currently have a 96 f250 extended cab 2wd with the 460. Anyway wanted to say I have really been enjoying your videos man. Love seeing the channel grow!

  74. Manuel Nunez

    Manuel Nunez

    28 дней назад

    The issue we have at work with the Cng Vehicles we have is that the valves get stuck open since the valves don’t get cleaned with gas being sprayed on them which causes carbon build up and causes misfire when they get stuck open so the mechanics have to take them apart and disassemble the valve train and clean them out

  75. john smith

    john smith

    28 дней назад

    I live near Ritchie Brothers in Houston I go to every auction but people pay top dollar and send them to Mexico but guess you can spend a lot to move a ton of dope lol. Love the videos

  76. john smith

    john smith

    28 дней назад

    I just subscribed to you and loved the videos I've seen do you sell the trucks you buy? I'm in Houston Texas and looking for a gas Chevy or gmc Dually can and chassis ext or 4dr to put my wrecker bed on, 4x4 preferably. Let me know please sir. Also I seen a 2015 4dr white 2500 in the background don't care if the motor or tranny are bad. Cash in hand

  77. gbcamaro gbcamaro

    gbcamaro gbcamaro

    28 дней назад

    That chevy has had a rough life u can tell

  78. Gethin Jones

    Gethin Jones

    28 дней назад

    Great video Westen, glad I subscribed! 👍

  79. Online Guru

    Online Guru

    28 дней назад

    At 4.25 ... what is the name of that beautiful song playing and who is it by?

  80. Marcos Giberson

    Marcos Giberson

    28 дней назад

    Great videos brother, love them, #chevyguy 😂

  81. philip rice

    philip rice

    28 дней назад

    R u from texas.

  82. Vincent Blue

    Vincent Blue

    28 дней назад

    I tell everyone Chevy's a good truck. I having to have one. I love my Tahoe.I don't have nothing against for I had two.

  83. Shawn H

    Shawn H

    28 дней назад

    The reason the truck was listed as a no start is because the guys/gals at IAA couldn't start it, because it was locked. They can't list anything as a starter if they can't test it. People get really pissed when they buy a vehicle that was listed as a starter and it doesn't start. Be happy that they didn't take their time to get the truck unlocked to test if it was a run and drive. I used to run a yard for IAA, for a truck like that I would have paid someone to come out and unlock it(if i wasn't able to do it myself). It would have sold for a lot more as a run and drive.

  84. JohnDeereCatFan98


    28 дней назад

    That's weird: it has the old GM dinger from like the early 2000's. I thought they stopped using that one after the 2007 redesign for trucks. My cousin's 2011 Maliboo does have that same dinger.

  85. morales891


    28 дней назад

    " blew a tranny last night"

  86. Han Skinslo

    Han Skinslo

    28 дней назад

    Westen, you mention Wichita and Oklahoma. Approximately where are you located? I'm gathering you're in Oklahoma. I'm a Kansas guy, myself.

  87. Parker Peb

    Parker Peb

    28 дней назад

    What brand tool box is in the back of that pickup?

  88. guadalupe velasquez

    guadalupe velasquez

    29 дней назад

    Where do I find an auction and how do I get this lucky? Lol

  89. guadalupe velasquez

    guadalupe velasquez

    29 дней назад

    This guy's really unique and that truck is damn good

  90. Mario Moreno

    Mario Moreno

    29 дней назад

    What auction place did you use for this and the ford truck ?

  91. TheMithree


    29 дней назад

    Nice video, thanks for it. But man, are you sure that Chevy is ok? It has no Check engine light! Obviously, something is off. :D

  92. Ted EnderPalmer

    Ted EnderPalmer

    29 дней назад

    New to your channel, great video personality! Truly enjoying your show

  93. Trevor Holland

    Trevor Holland

    29 дней назад

    You might wanna buy a new roof bro

  94. Brendon Chaffee

    Brendon Chaffee

    29 дней назад

    What website do you use to find and source all your trucks?

    • Westen Champlin

      Westen Champlin

      29 дней назад

      I find them all over not just one place.

  95. Carl Colorado

    Carl Colorado

    29 дней назад

    Door stuff is an easy fix. Just bought me a 2008 Silverado from an action. Thought it was cool seeing your video come up. Replaced driver outer door handle and the lock tab on center arm rest. Motor just needed an O-ring in the oil pickup tub. Air was mixing with the oil making the lifters tic. Best buy, I sold the truck and made 6k profit!

  96. A. Weldaddy

    A. Weldaddy

    29 дней назад

    There’s a Cng station in Wichita and Kingman if you were wondering

    • Westen Champlin

      Westen Champlin

      29 дней назад

      really? didn't know that.

  97. The Piano !

    The Piano !

    29 дней назад

    I recently just bought a 2015 Ford F-250 Gas 2wd Extended Cab Work truck with 99k miles for 5k truck ran perfect I sold it for 10.500 two days later also with that package I bought a 2012 Silverado 2500 with 160k on it tranny was slipping a little bit tho work truck long bed for 2500 bucks I still got 5k for it tho

    • The Piano !

      The Piano !

      29 дней назад

      The list goes on tho we got contracts with certain company’s that sell us the trucks when they are done with them for dirt cheap but they don’t come in all the time it’s mostly every 6 7 months

    • The Piano !

      The Piano !

      29 дней назад

      Also had one 2013 and one 2012 F-350 Utility bed truck both had the power stroke diesel in it they both had around 120k on the miles I bought those for 10k a peice I sold em cheap 13.500 per truck Blue book was 17.500 and that’s with out the nice work bed it had on it

  98. Steven Fancher

    Steven Fancher

    29 дней назад

    Do you ever sale the trucks you buy from the actions?

  99. Don DollarSigns

    Don DollarSigns

    29 дней назад

    Roll down the window, dont climb out the side

  100. EmeraldWordCool


    29 дней назад

    Sounds like it sat a while with the knock since the oil dripped to the bottom

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