Picking up My BIG SURPRISE!! (It\'s SO Sick!)

We head down to pick up our big surprise, hangout at Adam LZ' shop, then go home and enjoy our new toy!
Margay Kart - www.margay.com/karts/models/ignite-k3.html
206 article - www.racershq.com/the-lo206-im-done-with-cars-i-found-something-better/
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  1. AbominableJoshie


    Месяц назад

    I knew this was a thing, and you could have known too if you had been a patron at Patreon!

  2. ALEX Monroe

    ALEX Monroe

    5 дней назад

    team pibb

  3. Crimson Steele

    Crimson Steele

    9 дней назад

    Dr. Pepper

  4. Forest Spirit

    Forest Spirit

    12 дней назад


  5. sharp68chevyguy


    16 дней назад

    Pibb Xtra is just always good but Dr. Pepper is much better if the carbination to syrup ratio is spot on. The best Dr. pepper taste comes from a ice cold can.

  6. Brant Knapp

    Brant Knapp

    20 дней назад

    Slip em some pib and tell him its drpepper

  7. TeeJay


    20 дней назад

    Pibb all day long

  8. Dylan Grzywinski

    Dylan Grzywinski

    25 дней назад

    Dr Pepper

  9. Abel Racing

    Abel Racing

    26 дней назад

    If you can swing it I would definitely recommend trying to make it to Indianapolis for the Ignite class for the Battle at the Brickyard. You get to race at IMS and take a parade lap after qualifying around the Speedway. If you ever make it up to Ohio come out to an OVKA race at one of the oldest continously running kart tracks in the country.

  10. Diederik Hooijkaas

    Diederik Hooijkaas

    27 дней назад

    Love the karting

  11. jacob kaiser

    jacob kaiser

    27 дней назад

    Man the cart looks dope

  12. ibanezmetal16


    27 дней назад

    I hate you now I want one really bad! rented carts at PBIR before and had a blast, this seems even better!

  13. Dakota Dabney

    Dakota Dabney

    27 дней назад

    Doc pepper

  14. Drew Smoker

    Drew Smoker

    27 дней назад

    Dr Pepper

  15. dizzy rider

    dizzy rider

    27 дней назад

    A lot of formula one drivers started off racing karts. You learn mad skills.

  16. Too Stancy

    Too Stancy

    28 дней назад

    You want to be faster in carts lose weight, heavier driver will slow it down(not directed at you Taylor, it’s to anyone and it’s true)

  17. Corey Staudt

    Corey Staudt

    28 дней назад

    Please build a cart stand

  18. A Carter

    A Carter

    28 дней назад

    Team Pib

  19. Tom Ahoks

    Tom Ahoks

    28 дней назад

    The thing on the track is to lean outside in the corner for more grip, you know.

  20. jacob hamilton

    jacob hamilton

    28 дней назад

    sorry bro, dr pepper all tha way

  21. Timmy Clevenger

    Timmy Clevenger

    28 дней назад

    i knew it was either a shifter cart or a mini cnc

  22. Myles Sloan

    Myles Sloan

    28 дней назад


  23. Chris Ortega

    Chris Ortega

    28 дней назад

    Put out a video like kart Vader !

  24. burrido111


    28 дней назад

    The kart is bad ass LO206! The tires DONT Last of the season

  25. Hunter Fox

    Hunter Fox

    28 дней назад

    I've been driving on the Margay Chassis for 6 years now and have won some of the biggest races in the country on the Margay LO206 Chassis. After driving with many different manufacturers I always go back to my Margay. Great decision on your chassis and I'm sure Greg and Sean back at Margay are happy to have you on their kart. I am fairly close to Bushnell from where I live so hopefully I'll see you at the track soon! Have fun and enjoy your new Margay!

  26. Everything Karting

    Everything Karting

    28 дней назад

    Come to Atlanta Motorsports Park in Georgia. You can see some of the races on my channel. The senior class has abt 30 drivers

  27. steelarmor


    28 дней назад

    Taylor gets a truck and starts driving like a dick

  28. David Schindler

    David Schindler

    28 дней назад

    Driving highways is at least ten times scarier than driving on a track. I can't trust people on public roads hahaha.



    28 дней назад

    Stiffen up the chassis to stop the horrible hop



      28 дней назад

      Yu can also get strut bars that go from your seat to the axel bearings to stiffen the chassis



      28 дней назад

      And less caster for that rear end grip



    28 дней назад

    I race rotax 125 senior and i have never seen this series before, looks and sounds like fun we really only have 4 stroke karts for endurance racing

  31. InlineRacing 'IRT'

    InlineRacing 'IRT'

    29 дней назад

    As someone who used to tow trailers back and fourth from littleton to colorado springs, I know how it is with construction and everyone being a dummy. I used to get cut off sooo much. You'd think people would be more concerned about the fact I could crush their car and kill them but they didn't give a shit!

  32. Justin Hill

    Justin Hill

    29 дней назад


  33. Kurt D

    Kurt D

    29 дней назад

    I was guessing kart before even watching. Still surprised. Looks like fun.

  34. Eric Powers

    Eric Powers

    29 дней назад

    Should see you out at Bushnell soon, we're out there a few times a month on the Groms

  35. Dick Hamm

    Dick Hamm

    29 дней назад

    Cart vidzzz 😍👀

  36. LunchBox223


    29 дней назад

    Dr pepper

  37. DolphinDivingChamp


    29 дней назад

    Awesome!! I've always loved the intensity of your cart videos can't wait to see more

  38. SendItStudios


    29 дней назад

    You n3ed to give us your playlist

  39. HolyShicks


    29 дней назад

    That Akon album was totally late 2000s like 06 or 07. Still fire though lol.

  40. Alain Gosselin

    Alain Gosselin

    29 дней назад

    you gota DRIFT that KART at least once juste for fun with putting pvc pipe on the rear wheels

  41. Judson Sweany

    Judson Sweany

    29 дней назад

    ignite sponsorship?!

  42. slugerX Tommy

    slugerX Tommy

    29 дней назад

    my 4 stroke kart goes through a set of vegas a day and you need a new set for a race to be competitive anyway

  43. Chris Joiner

    Chris Joiner

    29 дней назад

    Team Dr. Pepper

  44. 4zap7


    29 дней назад

    New backmarker on the local track oh lord

  45. Kelly Baker

    Kelly Baker

    29 дней назад

    Pibb xtra 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯percent

  46. Dan Bonnett

    Dan Bonnett

    29 дней назад

    Pibb Xtra

  47. Garrett Hensley

    Garrett Hensley

    29 дней назад


  48. sam cardinal

    sam cardinal

    29 дней назад

    So are you still giving away or selling the chevy? Because the ram can haul that cart unless you put it in the trailer...

  49. Casey Johnson

    Casey Johnson

    29 дней назад

    Team pibb

  50. James Derrick

    James Derrick

    29 дней назад

    That looks SO much faster than the rental carts, and way more fun naturally.

  51. Grayson and savage boy BEN Surratt

    Grayson and savage boy BEN Surratt

    29 дней назад


  52. Chowder Da Menace

    Chowder Da Menace

    29 дней назад

  53. Nicholas Hall

    Nicholas Hall

    29 дней назад

    I'm a DP man myself

  54. Adam Hunt

    Adam Hunt

    29 дней назад

    Hey one big thing that I see you do, is when your grabbing the wheel don’t put your thumbs in the center put them on top because in karting we push a lot when trying to draft and it’s an easy way to break your thumbs and hey if your close to bushel come up to jax one day we have an amazing track about 2 hours away from you. And TS racing is an amazing place to call for help or gets parts, lmk if you need any help

  55. James Derrick

    James Derrick

    29 дней назад

    Pibb all day. Dr. Pepper might be more popular but it's still a Pepsi product ;)

  56. BooSTIn_23


    29 дней назад

    Is this Caleb Quanbecks old house?

  57. SkidzGoneMad


    29 дней назад

    Dr. Pepper > Mr. Pibb.

  58. Brandon Dorch

    Brandon Dorch

    29 дней назад

    Now you get to build your own kart stand 🤘

  59. Dustin Steele

    Dustin Steele

    29 дней назад

    Did you know that if you’re in a semi you’re supposed to keep 200yards away from the vehicle in front of you because it takes that far to stop when going over 55mph and hauling over like 65,000lbs?

  60. Brandon Dorch

    Brandon Dorch

    29 дней назад

    Guess by box prolly new kart

  61. JLG Performance

    JLG Performance

    29 дней назад

    Come race mine on dirt this year. I have some health issues so it’s just gonna sit

  62. Dolan Ellis

    Dolan Ellis

    29 дней назад

    Pibb Xtra is the superior soda. Dr Pepper is trash.

  63. Dup Dap

    Dup Dap

    29 дней назад

    Dr Pepper

  64. Jake Fitzhugh

    Jake Fitzhugh

    29 дней назад

    Pib is literally shit

  65. Vijaya Gadde

    Vijaya Gadde

    29 дней назад

    Dr Pepper all day.

  66. casperthastoner 420

    casperthastoner 420

    29 дней назад

    Pibb all the way

  67. ULTAPP14K 14K

    ULTAPP14K 14K

    29 дней назад

    Team dr.pepper

  68. Ben Vance

    Ben Vance

    29 дней назад

    Super awesome to see you trying something different. Its also more affordable, something your subscribers could get into. Excited to see the content

  69. Ben Corson

    Ben Corson

    29 дней назад

    Doc X all day

  70. Kanaan Lee

    Kanaan Lee

    29 дней назад

    Pibb all day!!

  71. Justiin Hrycenko

    Justiin Hrycenko

    29 дней назад

    I like the duramax way more than the cummins.

  72. Ulysses Ochoa

    Ulysses Ochoa

    29 дней назад


  73. Matt


    29 дней назад

    4:21 Pat: "You probably drink RC Cola" LMAO

  74. Nathan Bennett

    Nathan Bennett

    29 дней назад

    Bro i just had a dam guy trying to sell me some asphalt. I told him to GTFO. thanks for making that video on your driveway

  75. one2tumble


    Месяц назад

    Am I the only one with a weird logo location on the video?

  76. jronnerud


    Месяц назад

    Glad you got a 206 kart. They are super fun and if you are in TX for a Lone Star event, you should bring it and race in Houston.

  77. Chris Kue

    Chris Kue

    Месяц назад

    Half of the video is talking

  78. sean s

    sean s

    Месяц назад

    Dr pepper yo

  79. 1dman101


    Месяц назад

    Team pib

  80. Elijah Hernandez

    Elijah Hernandez

    Месяц назад

    Alberto ain’t weird lmao that be bomb 😆

  81. Jan Flores

    Jan Flores

    Месяц назад

    This is so dope! I started getting into karting recently after visiting k1 speed in Puerto Rico and being decent from the first go

  82. RobWhittlestone


    Месяц назад

    Awesome! The motor sounds like it's sleeping but the action is quick! Very deceptive! HUGE fun! Good tip below about small inputs: slow is smooth and smooth is fast! A well-deserved break from your car building/tuning activity. All the best from Switzerland, Rob

  83. Ben Carreon

    Ben Carreon

    Месяц назад

    Pibb 👍 What size is your garage/shop?

  84. TaterRocket 17

    TaterRocket 17

    Месяц назад

    Mr.pibb is always better

  85. HumbleBoyx


    Месяц назад

    Coca Cola beats them all

  86. travis murphy

    travis murphy

    Месяц назад

    Team pibb 100000%

  87. Darrian Marshall

    Darrian Marshall

    Месяц назад

    I need to stop going to the comments in the intro. Sick kart though!

  88. Blu.bullet


    Месяц назад

    Dr pepper

  89. 1983 Routhe

    1983 Routhe

    Месяц назад

    You should get a hold of Chris redneck he’s got a little utility trailer enclosed for sale that be perfect for go carts

  90. MR.TwoSix


    Месяц назад

    Love the new karting content

  91. Andrew Savard

    Andrew Savard

    Месяц назад

    That cart is so fast

  92. Michael Hite

    Michael Hite

    Месяц назад

    Pibb Xtra and Mellow Yellow way better than Dr Pecker and Mt Dew(sorry Cleetus).😂

  93. 2000acdcman


    Месяц назад

    Come race at Atlanta motorsports park

  94. RageAgainstMyPC


    Месяц назад

    I drive that area every single day, and it is a complete shit show. Its all that ultimate I-4 project.

  95. chris brown

    chris brown

    Месяц назад

    dr pepper

  96. Dom Jones

    Dom Jones

    Месяц назад

    Pibb is life!

  97. IdLikeAnEvo


    Месяц назад

    Mannn it look crazy, even in the camera ! I think i want one ahahah. Stoke for you Taylor !!

  98. Nolin Gatewood

    Nolin Gatewood

    Месяц назад

    You probably drink RC cola 😂😂😂😂😂 pat kills me. Pibb for the win tho. Can’t drink dr.pepper but Ill drink pibb all day

  99. ablinken0212


    Месяц назад


  100. Bridg Behnke

    Bridg Behnke

    Месяц назад

    pibb xtra for sure.

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